CFAM Secretariat



The CFAM Secretariat is the information and coordinating center for all personnel and entities involved in the catechetical apostolate of the Archdiocesan Catechetical Ministry. It serves as the clearing house of the Administrative Council. This office coordinates with the different Diocesan Catechetical Ministry in the implementation of CFAM policies and programs.




On-going formation:

          We form a CFAM Secretariat who are:

·    Witnesses of the Gospel  values

·    Committed to render service to the catechetical ministry

·    Competent and productive in our respective tasks


Community building:

            We foster a Christ-centered, loving, caring and dialogical community journeying towards the fullness of life.


Employees’ well-being:

CFAM ensures a more dignified and better living for its employees to render a more effective and spirit-filled services and to draw more people to become catechists.


Facilities and equipments:

We provide a well-equipped Secretariat Office with the updated facilities for more prompt service and immediate response to the needs of the catechetical ministry.


Catechetical Materials and development:

          We develop quality catechetical materials print and non print, so that Christ may be formed in everyone.



Inspire and empower the youth to become citizens imbued with the Gospel values for the service of the society and the local Church.


Volunteer Catechists:

Attract, nurture, empower and invigorate catechists in acquiring adequate knowledge, skills, attitudes and strong sense of mission.


The CFAM Secretariat is headed by the CFAM Commissioner of Catechesis and assisted by an Executive Secretary. It shall have the following staff:


·    Executive Secretary/Ministry Coordinator

·    Ministry Assistant for Human Resource Development

·    Ministry Assistant for Formation

·    Ministry Assistant for Finance

·    Ministry Assistant for Operations

·    Ministry Assistant for Youth

·    Ministry Assistant for Volunteer Catechists

·    Ministry Assistant for Research

·    Ministry Layout Artist

·    Ministry Clerk for Finance

·    Ministry Driver/ Messenger

           ·    Office Clerk


Religious and Consecrated persons are:

-   Requested by the CFAM Commissioner from congregation/School/office

-   Recommended by their respective Superiors and approved by     the CFAM Commissioner

-   With monthly provision given as stipend



All appointed CFAM Staff serve a regular three-year term of office. This may be renewed for another term, with an exemption of another three-year term according to the needs of the Archdiocese of Manila and the discretion of the CFAM Commissioner.



Everyone of the CFAM Staff is entitled to all the benefits mentioned in Chapter IX, Section H (p.46), with particular provisions on the following:


1. CFAM Benefits

Only regular staff is entitled to CFAM Benefits.

                 a. Vacation Leave

              Fifteen (15) calendar days vacation leave with pay may be enjoyed by a  staff who  has rendered 12 months of service in the ministry. For those whose credited service is less than 12 months, they may still enjoy this benefit on pro-rated basis.


b. Sick Leave

In case of illness, a staff is entitled to fifteen (15) working days sick leave with pay for every year of service rendered to the ministry. Unused sick leave can be accumulated for two consecutive years only.


A sick leave that exceeds the authorized number of days shall be considered without pay (see also SSS notification).


          c. Retirement Plan

                   All CFAM staff are under the MAPSA Retirement plan. This is a contributory retirement plan.  Thus, there is      no retirement age nor years of service required. (Policies, refer to MAPSA retirement plan)


            d. Hospitalization Benefit

          A 100% free hospitalization benefit can be availed by the staff in hospital recognized by RCAM.


            e. Bonus

         14th month benefit is given to a regular CFAM staff. However, they are not entitled to a one month vacation. (April) For the religious staff, one month vacation is given as their 14th month benefit.



The CFAM Staff may avail of the following Formation Programs:

-   Inter-diocesan Ongoing Formation,

-   Ongoing Formation on Special Assignment,

-   Retreats and Recollection,

-   Regular Staff Meeting: Spiritual renewal and bonding,

     -   Outing/Recreational Activities