Archdiocesan Catechetical Ministry

Archdiocese of Manila 


The sheer number of Filipinos who need to be given basic catechesis,
coupled with the continued high population growth,
confirms PCP II’s judgment that
catechesis is the most basic area of renewal in the Philippines
and should receive first priority.
The “National Pastoral Consultation on Church Renewal” [NPCCR],
in evaluating the results of PCP II after ten years,
renewed this judgment by making “Integral Faith Formation”
the First of its nine pastoral priorities.

The challenge for the Church in the Philippines is clear:
the actual size and continued growth of the Catholic population
demand a concerted effort in the ministry of catechesis.
This will involve developing:
1. New catechetical ways and methods
2. More effective means for recruiting and forming competent catechists,
3. new financial resources needed especially for supporting catechists formation,
acquiring Audio-Visual equipments and programs, and creating inculturated
catechetical materials.

2007 National Catechetical Directory of the Philippines #22