March 6 – 9, 2012




1. To establish a “graduated benefit program” for awards and recognition.

2. To put-up MIS for CFAM 

3. To study the scholarship program that will be given to individuals who will take ICAM Program only using the Funds                   reserved of CFAM 

4. To give Induction Program to Catechists who will be accepted at the middle of the year by diocese.

5. To revise the Manual of Norms and Policies. 

6. To include children of catechists studying in public schools for the scholarship program 

7. To develop policy that will require MA students  who are supported by CFAM to finish their degree or program within a               prescribed period of time. 

8. To conduct job audit for all CFAM personnel. 

Formation Commission 

1. To send catechists for refresher course (P120 per day) who will obtain unsatisfactory rating in the performance appraisal           and those who will fail in the examination 

2. To profile those who failed or got low grade in the examination 

3. To design a pedagogical framework for a life-long learning (adult catechesis) 

4. Mission ad gentes: 

         a. To include Missiology in the formation of the catechists 

         b. To compose prayer for ecumenical  celebration 

         c. NCR/ACCCRE to meet for the curriculum review c/o Fr. Nolan 

         d. To organize one Gen Assembly on  Ecumenism

5. To include the basic content  of our faith (DMW) during the Friday diocesan OGF.

6. Design a training program for public school teacher animators 


Volunteer Catechists 

1. To organize Medical mission for volunteer catechists by networking with other doctors (c/o Msgr.  Gerry Santos): 

2. To give a strong reminder to Volunteer Catechists to undergo formation 

3. To strengthen the recruitment of Volunteer Catechists by: 

a.  requesting slots  for meeting  with parish mandated organizations 

b. Producing posters and fliers with a contact  number of each diocese. 

4. To provide catechetical kit to volunteer catechists with a minimum of 10 hours teaching load.

5. To require volunteer catechist  coordinator to observe the volunteer catechists.

6. To follow-up the mandatory monthly allowance of volunteer catechists. 


1. To purchase books, periodicals/journals for the updating of the library collection.

2. To draw a comparative study on the progress of students with regards to achievement test results.

3. Study the effectiveness of catechesis on 1st confession/1st communion/confirmation in public schools (GLC for 1st                   communion; YLC for confirmation)

4. Review the systematic program on confirmation, 1st confession, 1st communion in the public schools.

5. Increase the number of personnel by hiring one (1) IT expert.

6. To revive DOCETE with the assistance of Phoenix Publishing House, Inc.



1. To dedicate the School Year 2012-2013 to faith and mission of Blessed Pedro Calungsod.

2. To recruit Public School Teachers who are not yet involved in CFAM Youth Day as Public School Teacher-Youth Animators.

3. To recruit youth from public high school to become youth animators and undergo training at CFAM Youth Commission.

4. To engage at least 150 (20-30 per diocese and 50 for Manila) Youth Leaders in Social Networking for intensive training             and programming in CFA and TV Maria to make Jesus known and loved. 

5. To continue the CFAM Youth Assemblies and to hold Catechetical Youth Congress on December 8 and 9, 2012.

6. To organize Annual Youth Camp to be attended by CFAM youth with CFAM Coordinators.

7. To draw a list of  websites a young people through the help of Fr. Stephen Cuyos.

8. To organize a concert for Jesus:  Contest on Song, Drama, and Theater on Jesus.  

9.     Media Literacy 

- To assign Fr. Bong to chair the group with the youth commission to link  with Fr. Stephen regarding media literacy 

10. To support “A Million Roses for the World” (AMROW) culminating activity on June 25, 2012. 

Diocese of Cubao - 1,500 students 

Diocese of Kalookan - 1,000 students 

Diocese of Novaliches - 1,000 students 

Diocese of Paraňaque - 1,000 students 

Diocese of Pasig  - 1,000 students 

Archdiocese of Manila - 2,000 students