“KNOWING THE TRUE HEART OF JESUS” was the theme of the Annual Advent Recollection for Public School Principals held at the Layforce Chapel, San Carlos Seminary Complex, Guadalupe Edsa Makati. Rev.Fr. Christopher  ”Cris” C. Salonga, RCJ was the Recollection Facilitator. He expounded on the  Rule of 100%, the 80% and 20% Formula for happy living. According to him one must be PRO-ACTIVE  instead of being REACTIVE, To TAKE CONTROL vs. PLAYING VICTIM, MAKE THINGS HAPPEN vs. WAIT FOR THINGS TO HAPPEN, FOCUS ON SOLUTIONS vs. FOCUS ON COMPLAIN.

  One must distinguish PRINCIPLE and REFERENCE. He mentioned some concrete examples by way of amusing stories that has deepness and inspires. Fr. Cris humor and dynamism made the recollection lively and fruitful. A total of around 113 attended the activity that started at 7:30 a.m. with morning prayer and spiritual exercises.

 Some of the quotable quotes from the Facilitator, ”The one thing necessary that makes us truly human is the intelligent.” …”God loved us first.”…”I am a Child of God.”…” I am a Friend of God.”…I am a champion of God.”…”All problems are manageable. ”DISCERN-REFLECT-TAKE YOUR TIME!”


 In the afternoon at 1:00 p.m. until 2:30 the participants were encouraged to go to confession simultaneously with Holy Hour. It was concluded by Eucharistic Celebration concelebrated by Fr. Cris and Fr. Carlo Magno S. Marcelo-CFAM Minister.Fr. Cris challenged the Public School Educators to be the heart of Jesus in their co-workers and students.