• February 2014

    3-6 ACHIEVEMENT TEST FOR STUDENTS Dioceses Catechists

    7-9 CFAM Youth Commission Pre-planning

    7 OIP 2  ICAM   Ms. Gina & Sr. Deoly, DM

    OIP 3 Ms. Lita M & Sr. Nora A.

    11 VC Meeting

    12 HRDO Regular Meeting

    FC Meeting

    15 VOLCATZ Assembly

    19-20 Pre-Planning of Finance Com

    21 CFAM Quarterly Assembly

    (Literary Forms of the Contemporary Minds)


    27 OIP 1 OGF  Ms. Noemi ICAM

Latest News

  • CFAM YOUTH DAY THEME: “CYBERWORLD; e.Faith” (Social Media)

  • CFAM Youth Day Siiena College Quezon City July 20, 2013 "Go and make Disciples of all Nations" (Mt. 28,19)

  • Good News! Modules on the life of Blessed Pedro Calungsod (in Tagalog and English) "Life that is offered, Faith that is proclaimed. Modules:

  • DOWNLOAD FILES FOR EVERY CONCURRENT SESSIONS: Evangelii Nuntiandi and Catechesi Tradendae Panel of Discussion: Msgr.Gerry Santos: Fr. Bong Gino: Catechesis in our time